Once a Seeker, always a Seeker!


Seekers has a family of alumni who have stayed committed to the Lord and are active in local churches around New York City and the world!  Please rejoice as we highlight the stories of those who went ahead on this journey!



After graduating high school in 2010, she took 2 classes at Bronx Community College. Although her time there was short, she was introduced to the Seekers Christian Club, which changed her life forever. She met great people and, for the first time, felt the thickness of God’s presence. She felt that God loved her and that He would be with her, despite her differences and short-comings.

Through working with youth, first as a teacher and now as a case manager, her dream of becoming a writer emerged. She is currently in the process of publishing her book, Rain Rising, largely based on her experiences with mental health and trauma.

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