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Once a Seeker, always a Seeker!


Seekers has a family of alumni who have stayed committed to the Lord and are active in local churches around New York City and the world!  Please rejoice as we highlight the stories of those who went ahead on this journey!

Dr. Benjamín & Irma Alicea-Lugo

With decades of commitment to serving New York youth, Irma and Ben are among the founders of the Seekers campus ministry. Dr. Benjamín Alicea-Lugo was called to the ministry in 1968 at the age of 16. He approached the Wilkersons at Teen Challenge for help to start a campus ministry. Hence, the Seekers Christian Fellowships was born at NYU (Dr. Ben’s school) and Bronx Community College (Irma’s school). A year later, Seekers opened campus ministry in high schools (Music & Art High School and James Monroe High School). The ministry moved to Bethel Gospel Assembly when Dr. Ben, Rev. Faith Brown and Rev. Ezra Williams joined forces to incorporate Urban Youth Alliance as the umbrella organization for Seekers. Dr. Ben has a Ph.D in Church History from Union Theological Seminary in NYC, is the Co-Editor of Praise y Adoración, a bilingual hymnal, and the Pastor of the St. Paul’s Evangelical Reformed Church in Perth Amboy, NJ.

Tommy & Nancy Lopez

Tommy and Nancy Lopez were the first fruits of the Seekers ministry at Music and Art High School in 1970. They came to faith through their friendship with the late Rev. Hermes Caraballo when he was a young student there. They were high school sweethearts and just celebrated their 40th marriage anniversary. Tommy and Nancy have been involved in ministry since the Lord saved so many years ago. They are the proud parent of one son, and are still engaged in Praise and Worship ministry ( while serving in academia and the financial marketplace. One of the lessons they learned early in their Christian walk and through the Seekers was: “If the Lord tells you to do something then you must do it, regardless of your apprehensions, concerns, fears and doubts. “ We say Amen to that!