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Seekers is the only model of campus ministry vetted by the New York City Department of Education multiple times and passed! In their words, as long as Seekers remains “student-run” they are allowed on campus!  Indeed, even on college campuses, many universities and colleges are scrutinizing how campus ministries are run. Seekers does not fear this scrutiny because our student-run model has stood up to test time and time again!

Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors are very important to the Seekers work on campuses!  Without Faculty Advisors our chartered Seekers Christian Fellowships cannot legally run. We guide Faculty Advisors on the many ways they can support the Seekers leaders without violating any school rules.


We invite alumni to come participate in our many citywide events.  We always have a need for speakers at Unity Retreat, Jesus Day and during Seekers meetings. Check out our Associate Staff who help Seekers leaders run effective fellowships!  Email us if you want to be added to our internal speakers list.


Parents, we need your help! Over the years parents have hosted leadership meetings in their homes, petitioned mission support from their churches and supported this work financially! We’ve even had a parent start a Seekers Parent Group at her children’s school to support the work of Seekers.  The opportunities are limitless. Please stand with us today!
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Associate Staff

Associate Staff are volunteers who give anywhere from 5 to 20 hours per week working with Seekers leaders.  They are trained to coach and support Seekers from the background, never forgetting to let our students lead.  This is an excellent way for friends and alumni to get involved!


Every person is a unique individual with their own beliefs, philosophies, and cultural backgrounds. Experiencing life and struggling with unwelcoming environment is a very personal experience. Yet, the one thing that unites every soul is the love of God. Seekers are an oasis for young believers in a hostile environment who want to experience and share the love of God. His love brings us joy and helps us to find our way regardless of how far we have turned away. Seekers hopes to share this truth with others – God’s love never changes revealing the essence of His unspeakable glory.


There are many events sharing the love of Christ throughout our city. Meetings, group activities and games based on Seekers beliefs and principles cannot be described in words, only through experience. The ministry is not only active within schools, but we also have missions trips throughout the world. Stand up for Seekers by joining our weekly meetings at high school and college clubs across New York.


We are Seekers who believe if we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things will be added to us (as referred to Matthew 6:33). Get involved and find out more.