We have amazing leaders! Quite honestly, any student willing to stand up for faith in Jesus in today’s postmodern school atmosphere is quite amazing. But our leaders organize, promote, pray, and do everything on campus!

Ethan Castro

Ethan Castro

Ethan is a senior at Brooklyn Technical High School. He rejoined Seekers as a junior and decided he wanted to serve in a greater way at the club. He is the current president of Seekers and is also involved in football and track.


He started a podcast, a youth organization serving students in shelters, and even wrote a book, titled FUTURE TITANS: Actionable Inspo For Teens By Teens.


For more on Ethan’s story, please click here.



The Coptic Orthodox Church has sent Seekers exceptional leaders over the years, and George is no different.  He is skilled in the word of God and has a heart to see his school know the goodness and love of God.  As sophomores, George and Ben (Co-Presidents) rose up and began leading the SI Tech Seekers when the winter vortex seem to freeze the life out of the fellowship.  The Seekers fellowship stands strong now due to their willingness to just lead in faith, believing He would send people to hear the Word. George attends Coptic Orthodox Church of Archangel Michael and Saint Mina in Staten Island.



Ben was “born into ministry” as his father is a preacher.  At the age of 7 he realized “this is real,” which led him to accept Jesus. As a freshman his father, a local pastor, pointed him to the Seekers meetings, but he soon realized that Seekers had what his friends needed. “New York is a city with many spiritual needs and I have seen them in all four years of high school. Ever since I joined freshman year, my heart has ached for my fellow classmates around me…my school needs Jesus. It is very clear and now it is a goal of mine to show God’s love to the whole school.” Ben attends Calvary Chapel in Staten Island.


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Below is some pertinent information and guidance to launching a Chartered Seekers Group on your campus.

Seekers began in 1970 with the vision of one student. Since then we have empowered thousands of students from different denominations and cultural backgrounds to run Seekers on their schools. In 1990, the Equal Access Act was passed, guaranteeing the rights of students to create religious clubs on campus.  Yet, Seekers had already had success in this arena for two decades?  What was (and is) our secret?


Seekers is student-run and student-initiated.  While adults may be involved in encouraging and empowering students, students must carry the work on campus.  This has been our model since 1970, and even if the law was changed, it will always be our model.


We believe that this model grants the best opportunity for development of student leaders and the growth of students’ faith.
God rewards those who diligently seek Him. When we give students opportunity to seek the Lord, He does show up in their lives. And their faith in cemented in these experiences.
So, if you are a student interested in starting a Seekers Christian Fellowship, send us an email or Facebook message and we will connect you. Come and attend one of our borough Monthly Training Seminars to understand our model and meet other Seekers students.  We will guide you on the process from there.


If you are a pastor, school faculty or parent interested in getting some young people involved with Seekers, get in contact with us also!  Please remember that Seekers has had free access to work with, empower and encourage young believers to run chartered Seekers Christian Fellowships in their schools, because we are fully committed to a student-run model of campus ministry. We have thrived in the largest public school system in the United States because we have integrity and our student-run model has been vetted multiple times by the New York City Department of Education. Our staff can also come to your church and present the ministry of Seekers with other Seekers leaders.

Student-run and student-initiated.  The Seekers model since 1970.

It won’t ever change. Period!